Cozy Little Gem: Red Petite

The name is really a great fit to this little treasure on Bank Street with a pretty red door frame. We arrived at Red Petite at around 6pm on Thursday for an early dinner and the place was surprisingly empty. I say surprisingly because previous reviews said that it’s always packed so we expected a short wait, but maybe that only happens during lunchtime? Not sure, we’re just glad we could get some food in our bellies. Once inside, I acknowledged why it’s called ‘petite’. The place had 5 tables with another 2 or 3 outside. Although it was small, I didn’t feel like it was cramped, it actually had a really cozy and homey feeling.







Although it’s a thai food restaurant, you also have cafe treats such as muffins and coffee as well. Everything on the menu looked good but we settled for Pad Thai and Chicken Green Curry. I swapped the jasmine rice that came with the Green Curry set with coconut rice. Quick fact about me: I LOVE COCONUT RICE!!!!!! I can eat soooooo much of it even though I know it’s super fattening.



How nice does the Pad Thai look? Fatty refused to share they prawns because they were too yummy, I had a mouthful of the Pad Thai and it was so flavourful.


The Chicken Green Curry was heaven as well, with just enough spiciness in it to add a kick to the dish and not have me downing water after every bite (I don’t take spicy food too well). Look at how creamy it is! I hate it when sometimes you order Green Curry or any curry for that matter and they give you a bowl of soup that is clearly watered down curry paste. This dish was fragrant, the chicken was cooked just right and the texture of the curry was perfect with the rice. Good portion as well.



Fatty also ordered the Pandan Layered Cake for dessert and I had a Flat White. Before we ordered Fatty was explaining to me what a Pandan Layered Cake look like because his mom used to make them all the time. His version consisted of having thinly layered crepes with pandan spread in the middle of each layer. And this was what we were presented with;


Hahaha, cultural difference much. Nonetheless it was super yummy. The ‘pudding’ (not sure what this kind of dessert is called in English actually, but it’s quite popular in South-East Asia) was warm and had a nice subtle pandan flavour which created a nice balance with the coconut ice-cream/ shaved ice.

Coffee’s good too! I think Red Petite would be a great place to come in the afternoon, if it’s not too full, to have a coffee and chill for a bit with a book just because it’s so homey.



I think it’s a must to mention that service there deserves an A++. The sweet girl that served us was always smiling and friendly, recommending dishes and desserts.

Despite the dishes being slightly pricey compared to other thai restaurants I’ve been to but definitely high quality, I think we’ll be coming back to try the Duck Red Curry and Mango Sticky Rice!

Red Petite (03 9699 6969)
194 Bank Street
South Melbourne

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