Lefties do it better: Left-Handed Chef

I was craving a nice weekend brunch the other day so went online to look at all the hidden gems near my area that I haven’t visited yet. After much debate on whether we should walk or tram, we arrived at the Left-Handed Chef at around 3pm. I know I know, Fatty and I tend to eat our meals really late, it’s a habit we always talk about changing but never do because to be honest, we’re just too damn lazy to do anything about it. As we were running late, I was worried the kitchen would be closed by the time we get there. When we got there the place was empty and little of the home baked goods and quiches seemed to have made it past the lunch rush. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO, I want me some of that yummy food! Turns out they were still taking lunch orders so go team us! We sat down, ordered 2 coffees, Fatty had the Bruschetta D’Anglaise and I ordered the Smoked Salmon Brioche. Yum^ max yo! (Please don’t judge me for saying that) How cute is this menu by the way! There’s actually more options on the back so plenty of yummy dishes to choose from. Yay!




The place is really simple with cute accessories (like teapots in cosies!) that add splashes of colour around the shop and LOOK AT THE CUTE LITTLE KIDDIES TABLE!





See that empty fridge cabinet/ display fridge/ whatever that thing is called! Must have been a crazy busy morning.


Okay so I’m going to be honest about how the coffee snob came out of me when our coffees arrived because it wasn’t ‘pretty’, like you know how usually you get the nice crema and the barista usually does the whole latte art thing, but there was no pretty leaf on my coffee so I was like WHATTT! But I was so wrong, the coffee tasted great and the guy wasn’t even the barista that usually makes the coffee. Shame on me for judging a book by its cover :(


And here’s our food! Look at that portion of deliciousness all up on the plates! Fatty’s bruschetta is like the biggest bruschetta I have ever seen. Aren’t bruschettas supposed to be tiny little entrees?



My Smoked Salmon Brioche was quite a work of art as well.



And both dishes were so good. The bread! OMG the home baked bread is so nice! So soft and…fresh? fragrant? I’m not sure if that’s how you’re supposed to describe yummy bread but I think you guys get what I’m trying to say. Ehud, the awesome chef, and the nice man who served us was really friendly, popping over to our table for chat and seeing if we were enjoying ourselves. On a side-note, his beard reminds me of Sauce Boss from EMT. This place definitely deserves it’s insanely high ratings on Urbanspoon, triple thumbs up from us as well! Swing by for a great brekkie or brunch served with friendly smiles! They also have bread making class…baking class…break making class so call and sign up if you wanna learn how to make awesome bread!


The Left-Handed Chef (03 9645 5800)
Shop 2, 219 Park St
South Melbourne

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