Not a donut: Brown Bagels

I’ve always loved bagels and had them all the time in Hong Kong. Disappointingly, there aren’t a lot of cafes in Melbourne that have them on their menu. My friend, who is also a bagel lover, suggested we give Brown Bagels a try. It was actually already on the list of cafes that I wanted to visit so I was like ‘Awesome!!! BAGELS PARTAY!’ It took us a while to find the laneway, just off Collins Street, but once you locate it, Brown Bagels is on the left; a cute little shop tucked into the wall.

There were a decent number of fillings and types of bagels that you can choose from. and My friend ordered a BLT cheese bagel and I had the smoked salmon poppy seed bagel with coffees on the side.

The bagels were great; portions were just right and the bagel itself was good, meaning it was not rock hard like the ones you get when you leave them out for too long. It was $9 for the bagel itself and the coffee cost $3, so I think it was a decent price compared to other cafes (Manchester Press does great bagels as well but they go up to around $12). Coffee was okay, nothing special but the staff were nice and polite. A bug flew into my friends coffee, and drowned, and they replaced it for her and kept on apologizing. I was thinking to myself “How can a bug flying into a coffee be any fault of yours?!” so I think it was very kind of them.

It’s a good place to go if you’re in a hurry and want to get something on the go as well. We saw a lot of suits and ties taking their bagels away in brown bags, ready to nomnomnom on the way back to the office. I think I’ll be coming back to give the whole menu a go. Melbourne should really have more shops likes these, that’ll make me a happier person.

Brown Bagels (03 9670 9114)
330 Collins St, Shop 10 Equitable Pl

Brown Bagels on Urbanspoon


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  2. Lazy ranter
    May 5, 2013 at 11:32 PM

    There are a few bagel places in Melbourne you just have to look harder. Have you been to Jungle Juice/Espresso Bagels etc in the city?

    • lazyrant
      Lazy ranter
      May 7, 2013 at 4:02 PM

      Hi Katherine!
      I did notice that bagels are offered at many more places in Melbourne but I guess what I meant was they are much more common in Hong Kong than here. I know of Jungle Juice, but haven’t had the chance to check it out. I didn’t know they had bagels!!! I’ll make sure to drop by soon. As for Espresso Bagels, I’ve tried their bagels twice and to be honest, I was quite disappointed both times! The staff were slow as they chatted amongst themselves at the back (when preparing my bagel) and the bagel itself was definitely not that great.
      Lemme know if you have any more recommendations for where to get a good bagel, could never have enough of those things!


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