Loves a good Sushi Train: Sushi Hotaru

If you know me well enough, you would know I LOVE SUSHI! I could eat sushi all day, every day, just non-stop plates of fish on rice! SO…we found out about Sushi Hotaru when we walked past China Town some many weekends ago and I’ve been itching to try it because what’s better than plain sushi would be endless plates of sushi rotating on a belt in front of your face aka SUSHI TRAIN! CHOOCHOO! :D

I was really excited when Fatty finally decides to go with me today. We arrived at around 8:30pm and it was still a bit full but we got seats right away. The restaurant was really nicely decked out; Fatty and I had a conversation about how nice the mosaic walls are haha. Basically this is me when I entered the shop:


And this is me when I sat down in front of the sushi belt:


The first thing I noticed was their was an iPad in front of all the seats that displayed your seat number and I, being a bit slow and brainless, thought “Aiyah, such a waste of money to put an iPad there to show your seat number!”, in which Fatty responded with the why-my-girlfriend-so-stupid look and proceeded to poke sushi orders into the iPad, that were then promptly handed to us by the staff.


See the iPads at the top? Yes, they track your orders and display all the varieties of sushi that they offer including hand rolls, hot food, side dishes, drinks…etc. I think this is a great idea because you can simply tap in what you want if you don’t see it choochoo-ing pass you. The staff are really fast as well. More than 3 times, after I poke in my order, they handed me the plate within 10 seconds.
They also have these little desserts floating around on the belt as well. Looks pretty even though I didn’t try them.


One of my favourite dishes was the takoyaki balls. They give you the sauce in a packet on the side so the crispy skin doesn’t go soggy beforehand.



The seared salmon was really nice too! We had two plates!


The story behind ordering this dish was I wanted to eat the egg sushi but Fatty said it’s not worth just eating egg, so we ordered the eel and egg sushi instead.



Fatty wasn’t too hungry and after 9 plates we called it quits. I was surprisingly full, so the meme at the top is a lie. We actually didn’t know that all the plates (apart from the golden ones) cost $3 because usually different coloured plates cost different. Our bill came to a total of just $27 when I thought it would be at least $35+.

Although the service was good and I really liked the iPads, I would say the sushi itself was mediocre only. The seared salmon was really nice but otherwise, nothing else was too special. HOWEVER, having said that, I have yet to find really nice sushi in Australia. Japanese people in Hong Kong, you guys have set the bar way too high. Hmm…actually I quite like the sushi from Kenzan @ GPO. Expensive though and runs out quickly…but that’s for another blog post. I would say come to Sushi Hotaru for the experience, after all everybody loves a good sushi train once in a while!


Sushi Hotaru (03 9663 7538)
Shop 118 200 Bourke St

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